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<About the Artwork>
The “mist” is a work that creates a translucent mirror by scraped a mirror.
The “mist(photograph)” incorporates a photograph into this work.
The way the photograph appears changes slightly depending on the brightness of the place where the work is placed.
It sometimes appears clear and sometimes blurred, just like a memory.

Materials: mirror, OHP sheet, wood
Size: W30 x D6 x H42 cm
Weight:2.5kg(including the base)

Click here for details of the work →”mist(photograph”

<Included Items>
・Artwork Certificate

#01: ¥ 120,000
#02 :  ¥ 80,000

<How to buy>
Please purchase from the handling site.
base (Yohei Kondo onlinestore)

・After purchase, please send the photo data to mail@yohei-kondo.com.
・”mist(photograph) #01″ and ”mist(photograph) #02″ are made-to-order. Please allow one month for delivery.
・Photographs may be cropped and brightness may be adjusted. Please understand that the photo may be cropped or brightness adjusted.
・If you scan the photo yourself, it is possible to create the product not only from a photograph but also from an illustration.
・Each product is handmade, so there may be slight differences from piece to piece.

Custom sizes are accepted. Please contact us for inquiries. →contact