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The Landscape I Saw Someday

<About the Artwork>
The angled mirror rotates slowly, rotating once every 15 minutes.
The reflected scenery changes little by little.
Our world is also changing little by little.

Material: Acrylic mirror, motor
Size: W45 x D10 x H45cm (mirror size φ45cm)

Click here for details of the work →「The scenery I saw someday」

<Included Items>
・Artwork Certificate

¥ 150,000

<How to buy>
Please purchase from the handling site.
base (Yohei Kondo onlinestore)

・”The scenery I saw someday” is made to order. It will take approximately one month for delivery.
・An outlet is required. (Motor power consumption 100V 1.5W)
・You will need to attach nails, etc. to the wall to secure the work.
・Please contact us if you have any questions about installing the work. →contact