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RGB(national flags) #01

<About the Artwork>
Each LED installed internally corresponds to the 193 member countries of the United Nations. The LEDs emit light by switching the color of the flag of the corresponding country, one color at a time, every few seconds.
Each LED is controlled by programming, causing the colors to constantly and continuously change. Just as the perception of this artwork changes each time it is viewed, our world is also constantly and continuously evolving.

Materials: Full-color serial LEDs, single-board computer, acrylic, wood
Size: 16 × 16 × 5cm
Weight: 1.0kg

Click here for details of the work →”RGB (national flags) #01″

<Included Items>
・USB Type-C Cable
・Artwork Certificate
・Artist’s Handwritten Signature on the back

¥ 150,000

<How to buy>
Please purchase from the handling site.
base (Yohei Kondo onlinestore)

“RGB (national flags) #01” is made to order.
Please allow approximately one month for delivery.
The artwork can be appreciated by connecting it to the power source using a USB cable.
It can be hung on the wall or placed directly.

Custom sizes are accepted. Please contact us for inquiries. →contact